Changing the Way we Talk about Pregnancy

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OK Seriously, what’s with all the hype?!


If you saw my IG story this morning, you’ve been waiting for an exciting announcement…


Well…you can see for yourself here that I have a little demon brewing inside me <3 # If you asked me 4 months ago, I would have told you that I am in no place to have a baby right now...I was stressed and over-committed from work, transitioning out of a job that didn’t suit me, planning a wedding and still trying to recover from a litany of over-training a year ago. # But the past couple months I have found an AMAZING balance between work and play, I feel happy and energized every single day to do what I do, I’m more confident in who I am, and truly feel like I am making a difference in the world. Life is FREAKING good. # Funny how things fall into place right when they were meant to. # Now, I’m only 4 weeks along which makes it a little leery for most women to announce.... # I’ve already gotten some comments like, “Oh my gosh that’s too soon to tell everyone” or “Anything could happen, you shouldn’t be so sure of it…” # Well excuse me, but F***K that! # I’m beyond excited for you guys to follow along on my journey as I document everything that is happening along with nuggets of research to explain what’s going on 🙂 # My goal is make the topics of fertility and pregnancy something we can all talk about freely and in my opinion, make a little more FUN-sounding…am I right? # I’m tired of hearing about moms that are always exhausted, the ones that have lost control of their body’s, or how miserable they are in general. # That shit blows...and honestly, kept me from even considering having a baby, let alone WANT one! # We need more mom’s that are full of energy, vitality, and wisdom! So let’s step up the game on the education space so we can have a healthy AND happy baby-making process. # Let’s dive into how we should be eating, fitnessing, and preparing for the little one that is about to show up in our life. Deal?! # Who’s excited to make this a fun and exciting journey? And even more, where are all my mom to be’s at?!

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