How to Balance Fit and Fun This Summer

Stesha Uncategorized

Like most people, summer is my MOST favorite time of the year!
It means BBQs, family time, & lake days.
& with that comes abundant food, alcohol, & more alcohol….& sun.
As a nutrition coach, I never expect you to suffer through the summer drinking lemon water & eating packaged chicken & kale.
Bleh….I don’t even eat that on a normal day, to be honest…
I realize that BALANCE is critical. I am a big believer of eating your cake & having it too…just in a super planned-out fashion 😉
A friend of mine recently told me, “Stesha, you are living proof that you can be fit & fun.”
How many of YOU think it has to be one or the other?
Either you’re a super fun person that eats & drinks whatever they want, or you’re a really fit a$$ hole eating out of Tupperware containers.
Haha, ok maybe it doesn’t have to be THAT black or white, but seriously…
Simple – you plan your “deviations”
It’s so simple, in fact, that people get distracted by their “all-or-nothing” attitude of “If I can’t eat chicken & kale for every meal, why bother? Looks like its Doritos & beer for the weekend!”
Come on now, how long is it going to take for you to realize that happiness lives in the middle?!
When you plan to “deviate” you must also understand that your progress will take a hit.
Every action has a physical reaction & that includes planned deviations.
This means that your body is going to need some time to bounce back to normal.
Everyone knows the scale goes up after a weekend of binge drinking. This is common knowledge. We like to call this the “boomerang” period.
The hysterical thing is that every time we have a weekend of “less-than-optimal” food & beverage choices, we jump on the scale Monday morning & freak the f$%! out!
Now, what you do post-freak-out is completely up to you, but I’m guessing your strategy has not worked that well for you…
Be it starving yourself for the rest of the day, hitting 2 workouts, maybe 3 just to be safe, or maybe just saying f%#$ it & having ice cream for breakfast (hey, Im not judging!…)
The critical part in long-term success, though, is NOT freaking out when things move backward!
There you have it, that’s the million dollar secret.
How does NOT freaking outlook like on a Monday morning post-holiday disaster?
Well, it means having a plan to jump back into your normal routine with no guilt/shame/if, &, or buts…
It means having a fridge already stocked when you get home from camping so meal prepping hungover ain’t nothing.
It means you understand that water retention from being a drunken sailor all weekend will likely drop off around Wednesday.
It means owning your actions & not tensing up into a stress ball of fury.
It means knowing that you took a planned deviation & you’re going to get right back to your plan the second you can.
Because at the end of the day, it isn’t about the 5 Holi-DAYS per year that set you back, it’s the Holi-WEEKS & MONTHS that really wreck havoc.
Knowing these simple truths can help you take planned deviations, expect some bounce-back time, & get on with your fine self.
Please, please, please reach out in the comments below & let me know what you’re struggling with this summer. Ready GO!