One-Time Consult Call

This option may be for you if you are already structured on your nutrition and training strategies, but need an extra pair of eyes to ensure you are on the right track with your macros, hydration, nutrient timing and supplementation.
Want to discuss a specific topic you are curious about such as: acne, digestion, thyroid or adrenal issues (low energy, unexplained weight gain, addiction to caffeine, insomnia), infertility, or sex hormone imbalances (PCOS, endometriosis, irregular periods, absent periods, transitioning of hormonal birth control)?
Then let's schedule a 60 min call and we'll take a deep dive into your current food diaries, lifestyle habits, environmental factors and training regimens to point you in the right direction.
As a bonus, if you have lab work, food sensitivity tests, and/or DUTCH tests but are unsure on how to interpret them, this would be a prime opportunity to learn what's going on with your inner workings and what to do next.



1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching

When I was in need of a nutrition coach, there was no one that met my expectations. As a result, I made sure that I became the kind of coach that I'd always wanted. One where I could feel comfortable communicating and confiding in them. One that made it their top priority to educate me on how to live my best life.  So here we are!
Within coaching, we keep you accountable by by weighing and measuring what you eat along with recording daily bio-feedback on gym performance, recovery, stress, hunger, energy levels, and sleep quality. We’ll also dive deep into digestion, menstrual health, and hormone health - the stuff happening 'under the hood.'
You'll also be provided customized goals on how much to eat and drink in a day along with suggestions on supplements, nutrient timing, and plenty of tips and strategies for holidays, traveling, social events, and even competition-day settings.
Our primary focus includes support, communication, and education - so you have 27/7 access to text or email with your coach (that's me!). We are dedicated to YOU and your ability to gain nutritional freedom and feel like a thriving human again (or for some of your, the very first time). Ready to change your whole outlook on your body, nutrition and lifestyle? Let's go!

Mentorship Coaching

Are you an aspiring nutrition coach struggling to grow or cater to your clients?
Our mentorship program is a little different than most. We help nutrition coaches that already have the fundamentals of nutrition and physiology in the bank, but could use some help understanding more in-depth topics affecting their clientele.
Do you struggle to communicate with 'problem' clients who are unwilling to follow a plan? Or unsure if you are recommending the proper macros, supplements, and workout nutrition protocols? Or perhaps you want to feel confident talking about common thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormone imbalalnces with your clients - then this mentoship coaching program is for you.
We know how hard it is to set yourself a part in the online fitness and nutrition space, so as a bonus, we help you discover your niche, produce social media content, establish your brand, and help set up your back-end processes to streamline your growth as a coach.
This is an exciting opportunity so get ready to learn and grow into the coach you've always dreamed of being!



“Stesha is a great coach. Her responsiveness and guidance made the program totally worth it. I love that should could explain everything without making it over-complicated. She really know her shit and helps you find success on your own terms.”


“If you want to see results and get serious about weight loss and fitness, hire a Stesha as a nutrition coach. It ALL starts with food. If you’re eating too much, or not the right kind of food, you’re not going to see the results you want. Stesha helps you find your happy place.”


“My body’s feedback and the way I felt backed up exactly what Stesha had told me! It felt good to be able to ask a question and get an honest answer back. I am proud of where she has taken me!”