When to Take a Rest Day

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Workouts that move your fitness & strength forward don’t have to leave you feeling annihilated. In fact, doing so on a regular basis can actually be WORSE for you than not exercising at all!


Now before you all run at me with knives, please understand that this is a broad statement…hoping that with this post we can help you define where you sit on the scale of overtraining (if at all) & whether or not you need to take a step back.


If you’re a HIIT class junkie (Les Mills, CF, etc), then you’ve probably been conditioned to believe that you’ve got to “puke blood & see Jesus” at the end of every workout or you’re not doing it right! Well if you’re still reading this, then it’s probably not working for you…


Have These Symptoms? May be Time to Prioritize Rest:

♥️No appetite / Followed by insatiable cravings

♥️Soreness / Achy joints

♥️Constantly sick

♥️Lack of progress / Fried CNS

♥️Trouble falling & staying asleep

♥️Lack of motivation / No mojo

♥️Obsessive / Moody / Depressed


Suggestions on Resting Properly:

♥️SLEEP – 8-9 hrs/night

♥️EAT – adequate calorie & macro intake for your exercise modality (hire a coach who understands nutrition & exercise physiology)

♥️REST – 1-2 rest days is optimal

♥️NEAT – walk 10k steps/day will improve recovery

♥️TRAIN – switch up between strength & conditioning days – we should not be metonning every day!


Realize that these suggestions are all part of a bigger puzzle – we need to make sure that the recovery coming in is an adequate amount that balances the stress coming in.


This is where people get in trouble – even if you’re training 60 min a few days/wk, it may still be too much for YOU if you’re not eating enough, sleeping enough, nor dealing with a stressful life situation.


As you can see, the delicate balance of too much & too little is ever changing, so it’s important for you to be aware of symptoms & life circumstances in order to steer yourself in the right direction at the right time.

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